Take Your Writing from Good To Great!

It's time to publish your masterpiece!


I edit for consistency and accuracy throughout your writing


Spelling, Punctuation, Word Choice, and Sentence Structure

Line Edits

Clarity and Readability. We make sure your message and your voice shines through!

You've Written Something:

  • Some copy for your website
  • An article for a business journal
  • Your dissertation on the familial relationships of the Katana tribe of Eastern Nigeria
  • A short story about little green men from Mars
  • An entire book manuscript on which you’ve spent every waking second of every day for the past six months
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You’ve run the spelling and grammar checker in your writing software

  • You accepted all of the suggestions it made and gave your project a second read-through.
  • Now your writing is ready to go live on your site, submit for publication, or hand over to that really intimidating group on your dissertation committee. Right? Probably not.

Here's Why You Need a Copyeditor

  • You can’t catch every mistake (nor should you be expected to). You need a fresh set of eyes to go over your work closely, word for word.
  • You need an objective, unbiased review of your writing. Let’s face it, your mom, your roommate, and your Aunt Phyllis will more than likely sing the praises of anything you write, whether it’s truly gold…or sort of bronzy at best.
  • When you hire a copyeditor you’re giving yourself a gift. The gift of time. When you hand off your work to me to edit, you are free to pursue other projects. Even better, this is the gift that keeps on giving…a good editor will help you understand your mistakes, so that you repeat them less often in the future. This will save you time on future writing projects!

Why I Am The Right Copywriter for You!

  • I am skilled in both formal and informal writing styles.
  • I have a strong command of English grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling.
  • I am versed in Chicago/Turabian, APA, and MLA styles, and have ready access to others.
  • I am thorough. The smallest of details can often make the biggest impressions. Attention to detail is important to me.
  • My creativity allows me to think outside the box when needed, while my academic background allows me to excel at writing and editing formal papers, business, and technical texts.
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