Services & Pricing

The services that I offer are described below, along with the flat hourly rate for each service.

*Please note, if you hire me for more than one service (for example, copyediting and referencing), you will not pay $30 per hour for editing plus $40 per hour for referencing.  Rather, you will pay a combined rate of $45 per hour.

Pricing Summary (click the service name for a detailed description)

Copyediting – $30 per hour
Referencing – $40 per hour
Fact-checking – $40 per hour

Copyediting – $30 per hour

Many editing services separate basic proofreading from copyediting and apply individual rates; I don’t. To me, copyediting is copyediting.  Any quality editing job involves proofreading simply as a matter of course.  For this reason, I charge a flat hourly rate for my copyediting work. The amount you will pay, then, will depend on the extent of work needed.

When you entrust a project to me for editing, I will do the following:

  • Basic proofreading
    • Spelling
    • Punctuation
    • Syntax
    • Simple formatting
  • In-depth editing
    • Clarity of ideas
    • Sentence and paragraph flow and transition
    • Conciseness
    • Proper word usage
    • Grammatical consistency

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Referencing – $40 per hour

Especially in the academic world, different disciplines (psychology, history, business, etc) have unique style requirements for writing and referencing. I am versed in APA (American Psychological Association), MLA (Modern Language Association), and Chicago/Turabian, and have ready access to many others.

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Fact-checking – $40 per hour

For fact-checking, I conduct advanced Google searches and use sources such as Internet Archive, scholarly and business journals,  Snopes, (for political issues), and others.

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